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    Hello, I am serious about starting a lawncare business (mowing, trimming, blowing, etc.) this spring. So here is the situation and the question.

    This is all that I have at this time: A Truck, 11 hp honda 3000psi 4 gpm high pressure washer. ( thought I would offer pressure washing to customers also since I already have this machine), and I have $25,000 cash.

    Now here is the question:
    If you were me, What is the wisest way to use my money to get started in this business? What would you buy? Etc, Etc?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    Now do you want to mostly do the powerwashing or do you want to get more into the lawncare area?


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      Lawn care area mainly. The power washing is just something I threw in since I already have a pretty nice machine.

      light hauling
      clean ups


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        Well, if it was me I would just get the basic equipment right now: mower, trimmer, and blower. *You can always rent the aerator, dethatcher or other seasonal equipment from a rental company.

        When you first start out you want to keep expenses to a minimum. *That is the biggest mistake that a lot of businesses do when they start up is purchase too much equipment. *Then they are stuck in debt for a long time. *Trust me, I was there and did that. *Not fun. *That is one thing that I wish I could have change that I did to myself.


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          I agree with Troy.


          I am very happy for you for having such a warchest. Please don't look for ways to spend it all. Just buy what you need and take small steps forward.

          All too often I have new business owners write me asking me what they can spend $10,000 on that will help them make more money.

          My advise is take it slow and save your money. Your money is your business' life blood. If you run out before you learn what you need to get up and running, you will burn out and you might never try this ever again. So remember slow and steady wins the race.

          What are you going to be doing for your marketing this season?
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            Saw your post in the intro forum.

            I don't want to toot my own horn excessively. But at least take a little time to read the landing page of my website. It focuses on the questions you will answer **** by default if not deliberately **** when you work for yourself.

            If you choose to buy my book, be aware that I started selling early versions of it about twelve years ago **** always and ever with an unconditional money back guarantee. No one has asked for his money back yet.




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              Hi There, We are looking for doorhangers that have Carbon copies. Anyone know where those can be ordered from? We specifically desire carbon copy as vs. the kind that have tear-offs on the bottom. RDP Lawn


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                Hi RDP Lawn,

                I have never seen them before. How would you utilize that feature?
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