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What is your favorite form of marketing?

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  • What is your favorite form of marketing?

    My plan for starting out is door hangers and Craigslist and nextdoor and any other online local platforms. At some point soon I will want to get a website up. I'm also considering bandit signs and of course word of mouth combined with great svc. So what do you guys do and what would be your favorite/most effective method?

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    Do you have a personal facebook page? Have you promoted your company on there yet? Then started a business facebook page? Once you find a specific area you want to target, getting door hangers out is great. As you get more customers, make sure you hand out those door hangers to surrounding properties after you finish your job. Also keep them in the truck to drop off as you drive around town and see over grown lawns,
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      In this business the best advertising is word of mouth. In the meantime i would spread my efforts out a bit. I do a combination of flyers, direct mailings, and online ads.


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