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What kind of software should I get?

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  • What kind of software should I get?

    Preferably I'd like something I just pay for once. Also, if you can get all of your needs served by one software that would be great.

    Off the top of my head I can imagine I'll need software for:

    Route planning/management
    Time clock and payroll
    Financial analysis

    I'm totally new to this so please correct any misconceptions I may have. I DO know how to use excel, begrudgingly, but I can put together spreadsheets to manage all or some of this stuff but it would be ideal to have up to a couple softwares that can cover everything. I DON'T want to do anything on paper or by my head however much possible. Thanks

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    Since this is the Gopher forum, I'd suggest Gopher Lawn Care Business Software
    Gopher Software is a Windows billing & schedulng program for lawn care companies. Features include: invoicing, scheduling, routing, email, credit card processing, estimates, chemical tracking and more.
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      thanks! had no idea. I'll check yours out too then. you ought to have an airplane with banner animation flying across the page every once in a while or something lol. hmm... not a bad idea. or a convertible sports car with a busty girl in a bikini waving at you with a little sticker on the car door with your software name flashing neon. or is that too much?
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