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I need a 1 year contract

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  • I need a 1 year contract

    I will be advertising a discount for people when they sign a 1 year contract in about 1 week, I know other lawn care business have contracts, I want to get people locked into a contract so they dont switch for a lowball offer, I have also had customers cancel their lawn mowing 3-4 months into the season because they decided they could no longer afford it. I normally have customers pay at the begining of each month, besides charging for the whole year at once, and mowing can change a month forward or back. so I need a contract. does anyone have a contract I could use, please post in reply or message me.

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    I found one by doing a google search, thank you for reading.


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      Is a contract so binding that a customer can't walk if they really want to?


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        I like contracts because people and there word aint what it use to be and shows customer is a lil comitted to u and can assure that account for rest of season..u dont have to force them to be locked in. for all contracts r different and u can make it to fit ur needs.there is a bunch on this site already just look thru them and doctor it up to fit ur needs


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          There are a whole bunch of free lawn care business templates here.

          The lawn care contract templates specifically are located here.

          Let me know if that helps.
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