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    when starting a new lawn care business going door to door with flyers does that help you get new has that work for you thanks. If you put out
    200 do u get about 10 calls or so

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    The return rate on flyers is low. You should do more than 200. Try 2000. Last year I did roughly 5200. But if you do quality work and communicate referrals will pile up. Of the flyers I passed out I got around 25 calls. Of those calls I landed 20 new accounts. From the ones I landed I was referred maybe to 10 new accounts. By doing quality work I landed a few accounts without a flyer and referral. Those people approached me. I don't even have signs for my trailer or truck. The accounts I no longer service are bc I don't want to service them for one reason or another. I started last season with 5 accounts and topped out at 31. I started my business in July 2012. I had 17 accounts with in 2 weeks, I didn't bring back a lot of my first customers bc they didn't really need the service, didn't want to pay for service. Aim for clusters, it saves time and fuel which both equate to saving money. I have 5 accounts on one street and 7 others within 5 mins of those 5. Good luck.


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