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Wanting to start a lawn care business this summer in my small town.

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  • Wanting to start a lawn care business this summer in my small town.

    Ok guys I'm thinking of starting a new lawn care service this spring and summer in my small town and i am wanting to know where and how do i start this business. I have all the equipment and man power to complete the jobs i want to do with would mainly consist of mowing, weed eating, and any other lawn services that may need to be done. I just don't know where to start and how to go about getting my idea off the ground. Should I print flyers and wait for calls or go about booking people for the summer. and i also want to know about the pricing how do I quote and price potential to where I can make a profit.

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    What is the population of a 'small' town? I was raised in a town with 1231 people. Just down the road was a town of 7 people. So we were the big city to the people of Rucker. lol Nowadays I live in a REAL big city and when I go to a place that has 30,000 it seems small to me.


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      My towns pop is about 8K and it's in Oklahoma.


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        Welcome to our forum!

        The next step would be to get some customers. Can you start talking to your friends, family, and neighbors to see if you can get a few customers to start up with? Then once you do, market to their neighbors and build out your route more.

        Keep us posted on where you are with your business as you go.
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          Well, the good thing is that you could give everyone a flyer.... TWICE... within 1 month!

          If you are serious about it, answer this question... how many hours do you plan to work each day doing lawncare? And then... how many days a week do you plan to work? Insert that answer here ________ and you have the hours and days per week that you need to get out there and sell yourself! Spend the same amount of hours each week guerilla marketing that you will be working if your business was thriving! And since your town is small, if you see an older person or single mom or dad (that you know works hard at their job) out mowing.... stop your truck... fire up the weedeater help them out. 15 minutes worth of work... do that 10 times and word will get around how nice you are and that you now do mowing. But don't stop at the same person's house twice for free! And guess what happens if you don't get 1 account from doing that... I bet you make a new friend and maybe even teach all of them a lesson of kindness in the process.


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            Excellent thoughts. I really like the idea of helping out someone. We have done this a few times and it led to work from either neighbors or them. We once got a call from a son thanking us for helping stack firewood at his fathers house. He hired us to service his property. We already were servicing his fathers home. His dad called me earlier in the week saying he needed us to postpone for a couple days due to the delivery coming on our service day. I said ok. That day of the delivery we showed up and stacked the firewood where ever he wanted it. He is 78 years old and was going to do it himself. It would have killed him. All in all it took about 3 hours to do it. I told him I didnt want any money for the good deed, but his wife insisted on paying us 50 bucks.


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