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Estimating based on Square Feet or time?

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    No sir , my prices are based per job and that job dictates the mower the square footage dictates the fee and on small lawns I have crews mowing at 210.00 a hour with a single small Ztr. And at the same time a 60" Ztr is a different per 1000 sq ft rate but higher production makes larger or numerous jobs possible
    Say it a open lawn at $2.10 per k and the lawns total 130.5k that bring in $ $274.05 per production hour so for my guys to mow this they must cover 2200 sqft of LOT SIZE A MINUTE
    Now a 5' cut mower cutting 8mph =211.2 k so now some real math
    The 130'500sqft of lot /5280/5= 4.94mph.

    So it is obvious to me a 60" mower capable of flat mowing 8mph should be able to maintain a average 4.95 mph over the area .
    Now 274.05/ 3 acres is 91.35 a acre which is high for a mow and go so how could I sell it? Either by targeting smaller lawns or by offering other included maintenance which is why I do just that in all my lawns. I charge a 1 price for everything that cost me nothing but time.
    I place the most productive size on a lot I can 1 mower and the operator then the second guy does the string trimming,spraying, trimming, weeding, limbing, debris pickup, bed edging,then the mower operator drops the bill off as the blowing is finished.
    My guy on most jobs keep the maintenance done so well it looks as if it's never in need of the maintenance only the grass cutting.

    The longest we allow on a job is 18 minutes gate to gate.
    I have a few pictures from last year at

    I can't post on sites so I found some old stuff from years back, nothing fancy but it gives you an idea why I can get high dollar jobs in our towns, why we don't lose customer and why I love this industry.
    I think you have misunderstood what I was trying to say. I don't go to a customer and bid a price per hr I bid the whole job complete. I have my target price per hour. I have to be able to look at a job figure out how long it's going take me to complete and go from there. I'm trying to help a guy out it's just trying to get started. You and I do it the same way


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      A $40 lawn is a $40 lawn regardless of what you use. If it takes you 30 minutes to finish with a 36 or 15 minutes to finish with a 60 it's the price per minute that goes into your pocket you made $80 an hour with this 36 you made 240 an hour with the 60. That's the point I'm trying to get across about equipment.


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        Got ya now I always just see the members say its a $60.00 hour when I see no basis for it to be **$ 60.00 ** my mind goes how the heck can a guy ever survive NON-production hours at that rate. I mean here we average 180-210 of clean work days and the rest is working in the rain or crummy weather and besides that the half hour of yard talk while loading up in the mornings .
        Then that gets complicated when office workers are in the office.
        I just know its almost a given that most people don't have a idea of how many hours they log . I explain it to my managers this way when the develope a pricing strategy
        No one works a 40 hour week, so think like this you have 40 hours a week to pay these guys by or the time they are away from their families, then you will grasp wha he is really worth, now pay him that.

        My view is, if Jose or Jose comes to work and is rained out 3 hous late , to bad on me , it is My job(management) to pay him for his day, reguardless of the fact it produced 3 hours of field work. It is my privalage to have that employee because with out that individual it would be me working that spot.
        Besides that you don't ever know when Joey Jr said " dad we are off for school, can you stay home with mommy and me today I miss you. Now members put a price on your employee for showing up on this obvious rainy day.

        Now I will say this as record not just me throwing number on a site
        Because of this dedication of my guys I do pay everyone even the new guy as much or more then a lot of Owners think they make .

        I have a respect issue with guys who say things like I hired him and he works everyday even this winter at 8 am ( which was a shock as it was 8 degrees and he was building a block wall, boss told him to get his a** done and it was this employees falt why as 10 am not 1 but of work was done and the owner was onsite still trying to get the bobcat to start/
        Yet this employee never said a word back, then I here this owner telling his CLIENT all of this even referring to he can find American to work cheaper then mexicans(yes to the client).
        WHAT THE HEL*

        I seen this owner not again or anyone for the next 3 weeks ,
        I now laugh knowing my guys worked beside him , knowing my job manager had asked questions and he offered this employee a job as soon as this job is over....
        I am courious how it will work out for this guy when mowing starts and his main guy walks.


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