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    Well, first of all Cabelas has about 50 locations and while I'm no mathematician I'd figure the gas prices would kill me driving all over the country cutting their grass.

    I don't want commercial accounts. I have found that the money is always in residential in service businesses but the people who don't realize that are the people looking through tunnel vision while out pushing a mower hauled by your gas guzzler wondering how you're going to pay all your debt.

    Without getting out the ol' calculator I'd figure I probably have enough money to fund your little operation and mine for the rest of our lives and still live where I live with no problem. I'm 48 and if I live 40 more years as long as I don't lose over $10k a week I'll be alright.

    I can always tell people who know nothing about money because they talk pre-tax. Why would I care if I made $30 million if I only took home $348k. And you are correct, that was many years ago so if you add inflation it would be more. Who cares what my overhead was.... I took .22 cents and turned it in to $348k in MY pocket after everything was paid for. That's what PROFIT means dumb ***. You probably have no idea what profit is. Call your credit card company, I'm sure they make enough off you to explain it to you.

    I AM THAT good at the cleaning business and have industry leaders that agree yet I choose not to go back in to it but if you think you are big enough to make me I'll meet you any place you'd like. I travel all the time so I'm sure I'm through your state every now and then.

    Are you the same guy that told me I'd never make millions in the cleaning business? Or Maybe you are the guy that told me when I added on carpet cleaning in 2003 that in January and February I'd have to lay my guys off yet I made sure those were my most profitable months and actually added a part time guy.

    I'm not new to the lawn business. I had 103 customers in the 90's.

    I ask questions all the time about everything. I still ask other cleaners questions. That's how I became so successful. I strain all the good ideas and put them together. I don't mind working off of everyone else's great ideas. I appreciate all the help anyone gives me and in return myself along with many other cleaners I was in an association with have helped literally thousands of people start their own business.


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      And if I need more money I either give it to myself or my buddy owns Cabellas and he is always interested in what I do.
      That is very interesting! Did your friend ever try to get you to help with his business in one way or another?

      I bet he could always use creative people around him and who knows what kind of support business could come out of that interaction with him.
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        I only mow, and make a good living. I've never understood why people keep saying there's no money in it.


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          I only mow, and make a good living. I've never understood why people keep saying there's no money in it.
          I run a mow and go operation for the past 2 seasons. Iam totally legit (as I know of) and still pull over 50% profit after expenses. I started out with the equipment in my shed loaded up in my s10.


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            Do any of you just offer mow, trim, edge & blow without offering any other services? While I realize I will be leaving a lot of money on the table I have a master plan. I'm blessed so I don't have to worry about bringing in money to eat with so I'm not worried about bringing in a little extra for that flower bed cleanup, I'm interested in my 20 year plan. Just wondering if anyone else only offers mowing? Thanks
            In my opinion you should start doing mowing and snow removal. I think that because in the winter time you can make a lot of dough when you get the right estimate, right property etc. If you do want to start the snow removal services try out the gopherhaul snow plow estimators. I used that for my first snow removal season last year and got a good estimates and landed some more jobs.
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