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Is there money to be made in lawn care?

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    I can tell you with your business experience, you already know what battles you will face.
    But it really does not matter what business your in, it has its ups and downs. Plus you are still young enough to retire by the time you are my age if you get it going again.
    Have you thought about keeping your window and carpet biz run itself?
    I do plan on having my carpet/window business run still. Mind me asking how old you are? lol. Im just trying to figure out when im retiring by :]


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      I agree with nost

      You can make HUGE $$$
      Takes money to make money, you will get what you give to this industry.
      AVOID!!! Craigs List, Flyers and door hangers. You don't want to look like a "lawn guy"

      You need to be 100% legit.
      You need to be great with sales.
      Look ,speak, and be professional.
      Be creative in your marketing.
      Set a minimum rate and stick to it.
      Never compromise your prices just to land a job.
      Know the business.
      Know the business.
      Know the business.
      Invest and reinvest. PAY YOURSELF NOTHING for 1 year.

      If you are building a company then build it as a company.
      The only way to reach your goal is to go all out,,,,AND DO IT!!!

      This works I know for a fact

      The secret to success in this business??? Is you.
      Good advice, except like any business your not going to get rich, or if you do it will be a long time down the road. Like you said and true of any business, invest and reinvest, and settle on a comfortable living. My advice to the young buck is stay in the carpet cleaning business, experience is everything and it takes years of advertising and investing and reinvesting to make any business work. If you are making a hundred dollars an hour then hire someone for 10 and sit back and run the business like you should be doing. Your main job should be sales, marketing, and promoting your business. Or if you do switch back, then hire employees especially if you were having back problems


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        dont listen


        So you suggest not touching residential and just going after commercial?
        It may be different in Florida then in the Midwest, but i am in Wisconsin and yes the Commercial is overwhelmed with lowballers, just trying to get a job to brag. Also the res. market is also. I am 36 and been in the game like you since fresh out of highschool. If you want good advice not bad advice like you may receive go after the res. first then work your way up. You need to get income coming in, plus with the commercial, at least most our jobs, you need to show business insurance, auto insurance, and 90% out here want to see a copy of your workers comp insurance. So you might be paying thousands in Insurance alone to just sit back and not make a penny.

        Example: I personally bid this property because we have been bidding it for the last five years and I was getting perturbed because I was feeling used for maybe price matching. I sent an email with a confidentiality agreement to only bid it for the sixth year if I could get a list of the prices and gave the reasons after all these years cost the company money. I also left a clause in there that I would have to be paid an hourly rate to write up another quote. They did neither, someone might say that is unprofessional but sometimes you have to put a stop to a job you may never get so you can focus your energy on something else.

        So back to the example, I seen who was doing the job and looked professional, nice truck, permanent signs all over the truck, uniforms, the whole nine, even up to a 13k zero turn. I just seen this same truck on the side of the road with the lettering scraped off, called him to look at the truck and asked him what he bid the big commercial job previous mentioned. It basically worked out to 19 bucks an hour which is why he is now out of business.

        My point to all this is that most businesses like this one is a marathon not a race. The lawn care business is not a get rich scheme, because that is all it would be is a scheme. You need to prepare yourself for the long haul. You need to prepare yourself for getting lowballed constantly. Then one day after ten years of constantly seeing you out might decide to hire you, then you do quality at a decent price then you will keep the customer. Thou it is rare I have gotten big jobs by being one of the highest, because the customer had gotten screwed over so much that he didnt want that to happen again by going with another lowballer.

        So the problem with our industry is that there will always be a lowballer, when one goes out of business another one surfaces. You just have to be patient, because eventually you will get customers getting sick of being screwed over by getting pour quality.


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