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  • getting new accounts for a %

    I was given a number from a friend who's friend owns his own lawn care business. Apparently he is wanting to offload 10-30 accounts for a percentage. I havent talked to him about it yet but was looking for some advice before i do. What is a good percentage what else should i look for? i think i would also like the contracts to be put into my name. is this a good idea.?

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    1. Find out how much each of his accounts are worth, $$$.

    2. Find out the quality of the accounts; are they crappy lawns, or good lawns?

    3. Figure out how much YOU would have charged his clients, and note the difference.

    Anything from what you would have charged and above is what you get to decide.


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      What kind of percentage? A one time fee based on a percentage of the earning potential? A percentage per cut? For how long?

      Why does he want to get rid of them? Are they low paying? Bad areas? Crappy lawns? Late payers?

      Give us some more info.
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