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  • trouble starting

    I am having trouble getting clients. This is my first year. I have had people referring me for a few weeks. Craigslist, and flyers at stores. Haven't recieved any calls yet. I hope the next few weeks pick moving should be starting in 4 to 5 weeks. Any tips would be helpful.

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    Where are you from?

    Marketing is actually pretty tough. Lots of people think its easy....hand out a bunch of flyers and wait for phone calls. Not the case.

    Craigslist, flyers, door hangers, google adwords, pennysaver, other classified sites....anything you can think of, try it. Last year I paid a few people .20 cents per post card placed in a door. They told me how many wanted to do, and I gave them to them. When they got done, I drove the neighborhood to make sure they were all passed out.

    All areas are different, so be patient. Work hard and get your name out there.


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      i live in presque isle maine.


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        Welcome to our forum!

        The key is start with one. Then once you get one, see if they can help you get another and so on.

        Can you sign up any family, friends, neighbors, or friends of friends, friends of family etc?

        Work your inner social circle first then scale it out?
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