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  • lawn care pressure washing logo

    hey guys do you know where i could find a logo that implements both lawn care and pressure washing? ive looked all over the forum but i cant find any with pressure washing and lawn care design on them

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    You can try this site here..✓

    For 5 bucks you can get someone to design one for you.


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      Hey Christian

      Have you thought about designing your own? You don't have to have fancy pictures or dodgy clip art in your logo.

      Sometimes a great place to start is with a text based logo. Maybe you could let the words and colours tell the story. I've attached an example.

      I have also tried Fiverr as a bit of an experiment. The Harry's Lawn Care logo attached is what they produced. Not real flash (but it was only $5). I personally prefer something simpler, as it's easier to replicate on uniforms, flyers, trucks, etc.
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        I have a few hundred lawn care logo templates you can download and edit.

        You can also experiment with the design it yourself section of the forum.

        You can make your own logo, banner, etc on that page.
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