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    If I for instance charged someone $25.00 for a one time mow and they paid over PayPal, I would only receive $16.75! Jack Rabit, is this the same for you?
    Paypal's charge for processing $25 would be about 80 cents, or about 3.2% of the $25, using the percent and fee you gave (1.99% and 30 cent fee).

    Calculate like this:
    percentage 0.0199 x $25 = $0.4975
    transaction fee $0.30
    Total: $0.7975

    In the few payments my customers have made through Paypal the charges were a little less than 3%. Those were mostly for payments of $200 or more.

    You have mistakenly thought that the 30 cent fee is charged on each dollar. Paypal, and merchant accounts in general, charge a small fee for each transaction (not each dollar) plus a percentage of the transaction. This is explained on Paypal's website and the fee and percentage amounts are there somewhere too.

    This does mean that Paypal or CC's are not a good way to get paid small amounts. (30 cents is 30% of $1 but is a very small percentage of $1000).

    I agree with BLC7. Do get a business account if you use Paypal.

    I'm not saying that Paypal, or a merchant account, or CC's, are the greatest. Just telling what I know from my use of Paypal.
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      Let's say I provided weekly lawn mowing for a residential client @ $37.50 per week. And the monthly total is $150, I will put into my bank account $149.50.....No guessing what will be deposited there.

      Last year was the first time I offered any type of online payments for my customers. I can tell you that 90% of all my customers jumped on it. Yes there was the occasional computer illiterate that could not figure out how to fill in the 3 steps required, but they soon figured it out.

      Intuit sends a link with the invoice that they can click on if they want to pay online. So even if they have not paid online before, I make sure the link is on every invoice. Even if I print it out and mail it. Customers love options.

      Very positive addition for us getting paid quickly!
      Here is another one that offers .25 per transaction, but I have not looked into it DWOLLA
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        "No guessing what will be deposited there." There's no guessing what is deposited with Paypal or merchant accounts either. You can calculate exactly what the processor's fee will be if you want to. Of course you would use a transaction history or reports for your bookkeeping.

        Certainly not as simple or cheap as "it's 50 cents".

        That Intuit thing is looking good. It is cheap, simple for you and your customer, and probably works well with Quickbooks. If I had a lot of CC/online payments, especially small amounts, then I would switch to that or one like it.
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          Here are some paypal numbers based on the last 3 transactions I received:

          Transaction #1:

          Price: $57
          Paypal Fee: $2.52
          Revenue Collected: $54.48

          Transaction #2:

          Price: $28.87
          Paypal Fee: $1.14
          Revenue Collected: $27.73

          Transaction #3:

          Price: $39.97
          Paypal Fee: $1.86
          Revenue Collected: $38.11

          I'm also looking into a check writing software... which seems to be even less of a hassle for both the company and the clients.


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