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More Mowers or not?

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  • More Mowers or not?

    I was wondering I only got a JohnDeere LX280 lawn tractor and a murray mulch and mow push mower a husqvarna mondo and a shop vac leaf blower and a homelite zr series I only do 5 lawns and I only do residential and the only employee so should I get more equipment or should I stay with what I got?
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    According to your last post...." Hi guys I am a co owner of sunny mower lawn care in Wisconsin we are the best lawn care service ever lowest prices huge crew and best lawn care ever. And in the winter we have snow removal the biggest crew to get the job done! Please tell your friends who need lawncare and snow removal. We only do customers in the Kimberly and Little Chute area only email me today at "

    So why are you asking us about other mowers? I don't care if your 13 or 39. Don't make cr@p up.


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      Also, save up for a "comma", and "period" button for your keyboard.

      What's a "mondo"?
      What is a "Homelite zr series"?

      If you have a mower that works, a blower that works, and a trimmer that works, you've got the basics. From there it's a matter of adding as you see fit.

      Hedge trimmer?
      Pole pruner?
      Chain saw?
      Backpack blower?

      There's all sorts of things you "need", but you're the only one who knows which things YOU need.


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        Chain saw?
        GREAT tell the kid he needs a chain saw


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          Give this kid 2 rep power points...he can spell Husqvarna! Please quit it with the embarrassing threads. Please come back when your a little older and more experienced with the basics.


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            the shop vac leaf blower confuses me ,do you just put your shop vac hose on the exhaust side of your shop vac ,or is there more to it ?


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              should I get more equipment or should I stay with what I got?
              What other equipment would you want?
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                You have the basics. Instead of investing money in more equipment, spend a little on marketing. One thing I have had some success out of is business cards. Buy a couple hundred at your local print shop for little of nothing. Put them out at gas stations, grocery stores etc. If you get just get one job out of it, then it paid for itself. Be smart with your money, always lay some back for break downs. Especialy if you dont know how to work on them.


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