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  • Making my rounds, but...

    The last two weeks have been on the 100+ here in S.W. MO. I mowed all my yards last week but this week I won't have many, I dont think. All the lawns are browned out and have gone dormant here. The majority of my clients either don't have irrigation or dont use it. I'm going out to make the rounds tomorrow but I'll bet I wont mow but maybe 3-4, if that of my 12 lawns tomorrow. Do any of you mow regardless just to make money, or do you just wait till the rain comes back?

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    If its a monthly contract then your charging accordingly.

    If its per cut then your charging for not working.

    What I would do is anyone that doesnt need a cut. I would water the grass and pull weeds out of the bed. Then charge them for that!


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      Do you go to the yard and just not mow? I tell my customers to call by Sunday night to stop service for that week or I will have to bill because driving my truck cost time & money. I also tell them stopping service is fine but I can not hold their space or price


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        If you are having the same weather that we are (100+ in the day 75 at night & no rain) it can better to skip a lawn for a week than to mow them - you may finish it off & end up skipping it for another month because of it.
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          It's a part of this type of job. I do my rounds and skip the lawns that don't need cut. On Monday I will drive to my Monday lawns and those I skip will give me time to cover some of my Tuesday lawns. Then I can take Independence Day off.

          Keep in mind that you can damage a lawn by mowing in hot conditions like I did a few years back. Check the pictures below:

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            On Friday I mowed 4 lawns out of 9 that were on my schedule.

            For Monday (tomorrow) I have zero of my usual 7 to cut.

            The rest of the week looks like a complete bust as well.

            At this point I don't need to go look at any of them, or call anyone, or wait for them to call me.
            It doesn't matter if they are weekly accounts or biweekly - the grass stopped growing, turned brown, and went dormant weeks ago, so NONE of them need cut.

            I had a call from a lady I do occasional weeding for and I'm going to trim her hillside tomorrow. That whopping $25 will probably be the last $ I see for a while.

            Looks like I now have time to try and figure out how to remove my deck and put the mulch kit on my walk behind. Just hope there's something to mulch with it soon.


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              Looks like I now have time to try and figure out how to remove my deck and put the mulch kit on my walk behind. Just hope there's something to mulch with it soon.
              Start advertising & talking to people about aerating & overseeding in the fall.
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                I Havent mowed in 3 weeks, 90+ with no rain for weeks here in Pittsburgh, I think it rained for maybe 2 minutes one day last week but man am I Hurting. Phone has stopped ringing,


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                  Are there other services you could offer while on site besides mowing?
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                    Are there other services you could offer while on site besides mowing?

                    I had to do it.


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                      I did a cleanup and some string trimming of a hillside today.

                      One of my regulars said that since the lawn didn't need cut I could clean up the debris in the yard from the sycamore trees if I wanted. Then she asked if I could trim back the ivy from the edges of all the beds.
                      That was helpful.

                      The hillside was one of those "as needed" jobs with another person.

                      At least I got SOME money today.


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                        Raise you cut height to 4in. during the summer time. The lowest I cut is 3.5. I'm up in CT. This help sad out weed and promotes growth, but if it's hot like the south and mid west you screwed with no Irrigation, which is nice to offer to you customers. It's east to do and will add value to there home.


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                          We do all sorts of other things for our customers besides mowing. We've been doing probably 20% of our usual number of lawns each week...or less. The storm that just passed through northern IN is creating more work for cleaning up limbs, downed trees and debris. But, we also offer seems this year that people have the money to add more plantings since they are saving money from not paying for mowing.

                          Also, we absolutely NEVER mow a lawn that doesn't need it. We feel that is unethical and just flat out wrong. Would you want someone to do that to you???

                          Surprisingly, this has been our most successful year yet....year #7 in the business and hardly any mowing. Our landscaping services saved our butts this year!


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                            LOL ! You're bad.... lol ... to the HedgeMaster reply
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                              If lawns don't need to be cut, I basically just leave tire marks.

                              Clients will come out and say "Good job, looks great!".

                              I'll never understand them... lmao