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  • Getting Payments for your work

    I have both monthly and, pay as you go, payment plans. I let the customer decide which will work best for them. If they choose monthly, which most do, I make the invoices out on the 15th of each month and mail them. Each invoice has the full month listed of the date we mowed or are scheduled to mow. I have told every customer they have till the 1st to pay their bill. After the 1st they will be charged 4% every 5 days after. I still have some late payers, and they get pissed they have to pay the 4% but it's listed on every single invoice in bold letters. How does anyone else deal with these people? Surely I'm not the only one dealing with people paying late?

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    It sounds fair, you have bills to pay on time. If they don't like the fee just pay on time


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      Do you have any issues with late payers?


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        The problem is me getting the bill out on time.

        For mowing with me I bill at time of service and needs to be paid by next service. I hand pick customers that can pay at the end of the month.
        some just like prepaying for the month.

        How many customers are mad? what %


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          i have never Billed on terms since day one , my fees are due on the day of the service , i have 3 customers that pay for a month up front and the rest will pay me same day , when i get into bigger work like landscaping ect 50% is due up front and the rest is due on the same day , i invested in a CC machine for my iphone / i pad and i can take CC and debit cards there on the spot investment i have ever made the % they charge for the CC use i just add into my bids


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            Try to get your clients to pay before any work is done.

            I have a stack of post-dated checks that my clients have already given me, it feels good not having to waste time collecting every month.

            If you collect monthly, it actually feels like you are collecting every day, and it can be stressful because not everyone is cooperative. Collecting money monthly became dreadful for me so I had to do what's best for me.

            Hopefully you can get away with it with the clients you've got.


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              Post-dated checks are a great idea! I may have to put a note in the mail next month and send them out to the non-payers, saying post dated checks are required from all customers to get the non payers in check. I only have a couple that are like this and everyone else is great. From now on I'll tell new customers they have to post date their check for that month. Great idea thanks Cheese!!!!


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