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Getting into the lawn care business

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  • A-PlusLawnCare
    started a topic Getting into the lawn care business

    Getting into the lawn care business

    I have decided to get into the lawn care business this summer. I think I have all the equipment to get it started. I have a 6x10 open utility trailer with a drop gate, A 38" John Deere 175 hydro rider, A toro personal pace 21" walk behind, and another yard man walk behind. I have a couple of trimmers and a blower. So is there anything else that I absolutly need to start. I am going to start advertising this week, I will be getting flyers and going door to door with them in my target areas. Any other suggestions would be helpful. What do you guys charge, A guy in my area said that he doesn't even take the mower off the trailer for under $40. Thanks for any help.

  • Steve
    Welcome to our forum! I'd say you sound like you got enough equipment to get yourself started.

    As far as rates go, you need to know how much you want to make per hour. Know what your operational costs are too, so that you can cover them plus a profit.

    Check around and see what competitors are charging to give you an idea of what the going rate is and then develop your own based on your needs.

    The lawn care estimators and calculators here will help you improve your estimating as you go.

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