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  • Equipment Gas Usage

    Okay, so I know how much each piece of equipment will hold, by looking up the specs online. What I don't know is how much gas each piece is using per hour. I would like to know before starting the season, so I could include it in my overhead for gas. Is there a formula for doing this or am I just gonna have to run it to find out? I just want to be as accurate as possible. I don't want to say this # of dollars of gas and end up being way, then finding out I underbid myself by a ton.

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    When you figure a gallon of gas is $4+ a gallon, most jobs I doubt will take a full gallon to service them. The best to do is save your gas receipts, you should be anyway, then after a week see what the usage is, divide that by the number of customers you have for the amount per customer. That would be the best way to average it out.


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      There are too many variables to get an exact amount figure, but you will still have to run your equipment and get a good look at how much fuel is being used per minute, etc.

      Complicated, I know.

      Once you figure it out, try this out and let me know how it works for you;


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        Somewhere I figured that it costs me $10 to mow a lawn.

        $2 for mower gas
        $3 for trimmer/blower gas
        $3 put away for mower depreciation
        $1 put away for trimmer depreciation
        $1 put away for blower depreciation


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          Is there a formula for doing this or am I just gonna have to run it to find out?
          I think you are going to have to run it and keep track of your fuel usage. There really isn't any other reliable way to get it accurate for your usage.

          Keep us posted on what you find out.
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