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Need Help Breaking "Per Hour" Barrier... Please Help

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    Theres not much difference between our areas. Even my price would be half of the others in my area. Theres always someone willing to work for $10 a hour and theres always someone willing to pay $100 hour.
    Typical costs in Oregon
    Medium: $1,863 (12'x50')
    Typical costs in Florida
    Medium: $2,047 (12'x50')
    Typical costs in Connecticut
    Medium: $2,737 (12'x50')


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      Alright I got my first opportunity to bid a job this year. I have a customer who is used to only paying $15/hr and they called me up and said they wanted gravel spread on their driveway. I found out that a load of gravel will cost $190 delivered. I have spread a load before and it took about 6 hours. If I wanted to charge $20/hr I would be looking at $310. There are no other factors to figure in for other than the "unknown" so I will add an extra 2 hours in for the just in case factor and call it $350.

      I definitely like this concept because if I bust it out in half the time I originally anticipated I will be making really good money compared to the $15/hr and even if I take a couple extra hours, I will still be making $20/hr vs. $15/hr. I know it will become more natural, I guess I was just always worried about them asking how many hours I am billing them for.

      It's hard because in this case, if they ask how much the gravel was, or simply ask for a receipt, they will know that the rest of the cash went in my pocket and they can quickly find out what I was charging per hour. I wish customers knew about the times we don't make very much on them (like every other job I have done for this customer) and realized that in order for us to keep coming back to take care of them, WE NEED TO MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO SURVIVE!
      This is where equipment seems to win, I can spread 16 yards per hour and charge $75.00 plus $65.00 float fee for a total of $130.00, I did three sites today and have two tomorrow.

      I fully understand you need to make money but ut's also desperate hard to compete when the comp has equipment and does it in a fraction of the time for 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost and the results would be next to impossible if by hand, here is an example.

      Halifax, Nova Scotia


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