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  • Contacting New Customers

    My uncle recently got out of the mowing business and I just so happened to be starting up. So he sold me his 30 accounts and equipment. He has all residential besides one neighborhood commons area he mows.

    My main question is how should I go about contacting the accounts. They aren't on contracts, so they aren't guaranteed. My uncle said he will be sending out a letter to all of them explaining he's selling it to me. So how should I follow up after that? Go door to door to meet them after he sends the letter out? Or do I call them? Or send out a letter?

    I've worked with him in the past on most of the accounts, but have only met about 5 of the people. I already know what all the work details.


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    is this you ?


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      Haha nope. Similar stories though..


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        There is nothing better than to go knock on the doors and actually meet them face to face. Once they meet you, you will have a better chance to retain them as customers. A letter or phone call is like receiving a flyer in the mail, they look at it and then assume I need a new lawn guy and will call the lowest priced guy.


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          I've worked with him in the past on most of the accounts, but have only met about 5 of the people. I already know what all the work details.
          I would ask him to make it clear that you have worked with him "on their yard". And that he trusts you to run the business in a way that will make the family proud. ask him to use key words like "handing down" "family" "trust" "he trained you"....


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            Can he take you and introduce you to his customers? That would be a great way to pass the business along to you. It's kinda like he is passing the torch to you in front of each of them. There is a ceremonial feeling about it

            Since the customers like your uncle, I am sure they will like you too!

            Keep us posted on what you decide to go with and let us know how it goes.
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              Thanks for all of the good ideas! I think he's going to take me to meet all of them later on this week.

              I will keep you all posted!!!


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                Definitely go door to door.

                Good luck!

                I did this when I started out and got a handful of customers on the spot, and others called back later.

                After the initial contact you should follow up with a call, email or letter.


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                  You could always throw your uncle under the bus!

                  Send out, "Under new management" fliers.

                  "We got rid of the old fart, and are looking forward to serving you better".


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                    Solicitor or Peddlers Permit

                    Where I live the cities make you get a solicitors or peddlers permit before going door to door. These can be expensive!!! $5-$20 a piece per city and you also have to provide a background check before you can acquire one.

                    Is this the norm around the country?


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