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  • Another start up thread

    First off, great site. Found it from Steve's YouTube channel. (good advertising

    Im 31, just moved to the central Florida area where i grew up, after Military i moved south and just got back up here. I have a john boat and a flats boat. Have the flats boat up for sale or trade on CL for a commercial lawn equipment setup. Lets hope for the best. If not, I am starting to set aside money to get things started / purchased.

    Since I just moved back to the area, I landed a job about 40 min away from the house and hating the drive. Wife and 18 month old little girl are at home all day and I only get to see my daughter for 2 hours in the evening. Wife is a stay at home mom... "Home Maker" as she likes to call it.

    After moving back to the area a fire has been lit under my tail, seeing all my old friends have their own business and doing well. So its back to my roots in the lawn business and getting out of the computer field which is my current job. As a youngin' i worked at golf courses as lawn maintenance, had my few local neighborhood yards i did, painted, pressure washed, etc. Anything to make a buck. Now that I am the sole provider for my family, I need to look at making more money and spending more time around town and closer to the house to see my daughter more. I hate not spending more time with her and the wife.

    So I have the boat for sale or trade locally for lawn equipment. Assuming 2 months from now I have the equipment either way, I plan on getting some local yards to do on the weekends and growing from there. I have a close family friend who owns a real estate business in town and will give me all NEW business that comes in. Foreclosure clean ups, renting, for sale, etc etc. He has been using the same guy for over 10 years and would be wrong to fire him just to help. Sure that's what I would like but it isn't the right thing to do.

    What I hope is to get a number from him in 2 weeks. This number would give me a ballpark of accounts I could count on during the weekends or evenings during the summer when it gets darker later on in the day.

    From this information I just shared, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Of course, I am going to keep my day job until I get to a point where the income from lawn care meets or exceeds my day job income or I have the opportunity to get a bulk number of accounts from people I meet or know. This way, bills are not going unpaid, everyone eats dinner and i don't get in trouble with the wife for making a bad choice when all this is in favor of becoming more successful for the family and eventually hopes to have people working for me and being able to take time off work and still get paid.

    Cheers guys and thanks for reading.

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    Also, a friend in the business said that I could get a mower, edger, weed eater and blower and possibly a trailer ALL USED for about 2000-2500. sound about right? I am figuring 3k to save or get for my boat.

    If these numbers seem right, what type of equipment would I be looking at? A walk behind with a wheel? brand?

    After reading around here for a few days, I see a good size is 34 which will get into most back yards with gates. Otherwise a bigger would would be nice but I would have to push mow the entire back yard if I couldn't get the bigger one in. . .


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      Commercial self propelled lawn mower: $1,500 (TORO HEAVY DUTY REAR BAGGER)
      Box store and Commercial Trimmer: $200 - $500 (STHIL KM90 R)
      Commercial Hand Held Blower: $250 (STHIL BG56)
      Box store and Commercial Back pack blower: $250 - $900 (STIHL BR550)
      Total: $2,200 - $3,150

      Good Trailer: varies... $4000 (estimate) - good luck!

      It's important to start with and have commercial grade lawn mower, everything else it optional.
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        I would rather a non push mower though. I will get one of those for the sole purpose of getting into smaller gates or areas unable to with walk behind with wheel (what are these called???) or sit down type( what are these called?) but not wanting a personal riding lawn mower.

        making sense? excuse my lake of proper naming.

        EDIT** also what is BOX STORE?
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          I would rather a non push mower though. I will get one of those for the sole purpose of getting into smaller gates or areas unable to with walk behind with wheel (what are these called???) or sit down type( what are these called?) but not wanting a personal riding lawn mower.

          making sense? excuse my lake of proper naming.

          EDIT** also what is BOX STORE?

          I say box store when I can't come up with a name for stores other than dealerships. LOL. For example, it's better to NOT go with home depot, hardware stores, wal-mart if they sell them etc..

          Don't get a 'tractor' unless it's a 'zero-turn tractor'. I could go into detail, but a regular tractor functions like a car, and it's a waste of time.

          THIS = CACA

          Something like this = Acceptable

          Note: I am just showing an example of a zero turn vs an old school rider, don't go out and buy what's above in the pics LOL.

          Also, I wouldn't recommend a stand on mower. I higher center of gravity is never good, and maneuverability with sit on mowers are best (from experience, and common sense).

          You can pick up a NON commercial grade zero turn mower at a BOX STORE, like have done. It works extremely well, and I treat it like crap. It only cost me about .... I forget... $3-4k without the attachments. 32" is best, I don't care what anyone else says. You can either be too big or too small, 32" is in between and I have been able to get through 90% of my clients backyards with a good squeeze.

          ALSOOO the mower I have suggested is a self-propelled model, there is no pushing required. I would never suggest a lawn mower you have to push, that takes the fun out of the job! ahahaha

          Hope this helps my friend, I am excited for you!


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            Thanks for the advice. So your saying this below picture with the wheel is no good? NO THIS MOWER haha. But i have used these types before and do not mind them at all. Of course i would rather the sit down type but i would assume they are much more, mainly because your sitting down.

            i know what you ment about self propelled and your right, who wants to PUSH a mower that would defiantly take the fun out of the job.

            so what are you suggesting for about 1500 bucks or so used for the type of mower you and i are talking about?

            on a side note, i am so excited to get this going, just just dont want to get something to get something and have it break or a piece of junk or overheat, etc etc. so your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

            32" is what i am looking for i guess since that is the perfect size to get into back yards and with the speed of these, i could still do a large front yard in decent time considering a larger mower for front and a self propelled type for the back yard. im sure you know what i am getting at here. and of course, later on i could end up getting a larger one if needed but would like to use 1 mower for everything in the beginning and it still be able to handle the 6-8 hours a day of running.


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              You should try craigslist for a price range.

              ebay as well for trimmers, blowers

              I bought a 2010 trailer 6x10 with 24" mesh sides for 1,000

              also bought my 2003 f150 2x4 5 spd for 1400 and 120 for the hitch kit so i could hook a trailer up.


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                I suppose it depends on your area.

                I find that I am able to do hills better while sitting down, and I don't have to duck when I come across a tree. I believe that you are able to see more when sitting down, then standing behind the machine.

                Personally, let's say you have to drive a mower in between two cars. You know it's tight, probably a bad idea ... yet if you're like me you'll go for it anyway... I find that making little adjustments are soooo much easier on sit down machines, you really get a feel on the mower considering you are sitting on it, rather than standing behind it....

                I wanted a stand on mower for fun... They are fun... I would still get one... but but but... that's all I see them for.

                As you grow, maybe you'll hate standing?


                Also, bagger attachments usually fit on the back of the sit down machines, rather than the side (stand on machines)... This means you still may have a good chance at squeezing into backyards without de-assembling everything over and over again. It's debatable... with sit down machines there is usually tubing that gets in the way, where as stand on machines are just bags that clip onto the side.... hmmm.... This calls for a poll.
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                  thanks and all good points. Personal preference i guess. but generally speaking, wouldn't the stand ups be cheaper in comparison? Maybe the way to get to get started at least and then move up to a sit down.


                  how many miles were on that truck? geez thats cheap!!!

                  as for the trailer, i would not need one that is enclosed because i would keep my equipment in my garage for certain. This was it is safe, no need to pay for a shop. Only thing i would imagine an issue would be is the rear gate being too tale. i am sure i could figure something out though. Just remove it every night or something.. not sure but thats a small issue right now.


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                    thanks and all good points. Personal preference i guess. but generally speaking, wouldn't the stand ups be cheaper in comparison? Maybe the way to get to get started at least and then move up to a sit down.

                    Good question. I have no idea, lol. Everything is pretty expensive for nothing in this industry. I suppose if you find something affordable and that can at least last you a year, go for it!

                    I have a special deal with my dealership, they give me a lower price of repairs if I promise to break something every week for them to fix ... I keep my end of the bargain... that's for sure! It's always good to know what your local repair shops can and cannot work with, or what parts they always have in stock. It would be a great place to ask around, and figure out what the competition is using.
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                      I plan on having a long discussion with a close friend who is in the biz. After being on this site and others, I have a lot of knowledgeable questions to ask; equipment related. We have been speaking of accounts for a while now and how to get started. Now its onto this 2k ish all in one package deal and what the number will actually be.

                      One good thing is, I could use my dads truck and not have to get rid of my car. That is until I quit my day job. I could use his on the weekends no problem So this cuts my cost down a bit too.

                      by the way, i am in Lakeland, FL. So if anyone wants to look on Craigslist and check Lakeland and Tampa out and give me some ideas of what i will be looking at for cost, I would greatly appreciate it!


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                        Does it snow in that part of the world?

                        I'm from Canada... wanna switch? My igloo has all the bells and whistles!


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                          oh its nice here right now. 75 degrees F!!!

                          but we just got over our cold weather.. high 30's lol

                          hey this guy just emailed me about my trade online.. here is what he has. i am asking for weed eater and blower along with trade and havent heard back yet.. whats your thoughts on this mower and i cant figure out how i would steer it. the stick? lol


                          here is my ad


                          Thanks for looking. This is a 1993 Scout 152 Fish model. extremely well maintained, no issues. This is one of 2 boats I own and looking to trade this for a commercial lawn service setup. Mower, edger, weed eater, blower and trailer. Depending on equipment condition I may add cash to deal or visa verse; if yours is older and not in great shape, you should add cash to deal. Not looking for riding lawn mower for home use. Must be commercial grade walk behind with wheel or sit on type.

                          I am an honest person, looking to start a side job. I would only like to deal with honest people as well. If you are interested in trading, please send all information about all of your equipment along with pictures. We could meet at the lake behind my house for a test drive if you want. Must have cash in hand or trailer/equipment ready to drop.

                          I find this boat to be worth a solid, honest 3k. Galvanized trailer is in great shape, tires are good, bearings good, winch, rollers, bunks, etc etc. no issues. Boat has 50hp Evinrude and starts EVERY TIME cold or not. 2stroke so uses little gas mixed 50/50. This boat is solid, sure its a 93 but looks great. Comes with 34lb foot control trolling motor mounted. Lights work, trim works on motor all the way up and down as it should. 4 rod holders that may be moved around boat to adjust to personal preference. Bimini and hardware top is brand new, 2 months old. Plenty of storage in back under the splash hood which slides forward and backwards to get to area. has 10 gallon gas tank and 2 batteries. Bilge pump works great. Also has to stainless seat bases for drop in chairs. In pictures below, I had yet to install the rear base. Front storage under casting deck and rear storage under seat in back.

                          Please let me know what you have. Any and all offers are taken into consideration. I will respond almost immediately if emailed during normal hours of the day.
                          Thank you for looking.
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                            Just added more pictures of what he sent me. the Mower is a Dixie Chopper LT-2000-44 with a 20 Koler motor.


                            Please advise on the pics seen in the link. I am very inclined to make this trade. Keep in mind, i do not think all the edgers and weed eaters are included. maybe one of each, the blower is included though. and trailer of course.


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                              welp... did the trade. pretty excited. got 3 weed eaters, 1 edge, blower mower and trailer. ALSO, the guy wanted my fish finder, so i left it on for a pair of hedge trimmers. everything runs, pretty dirty, but runs.

                              blower needs straps, cable for throttle and fix a leaky gas tank.

                              everything else works fine, just needs a good cleaning.

                              question. can i spray everything down with degreaser and pressure wash all the dirt and grim out of everything? someone said i could but want to verify this. figured there is less water in a pressure washer vs the hose and i dont want to use a hose with a pressure nossle... make sense? let me know.

                              now its off to find accounts.

                              EDIT ** Here are some more pics i took. If anyone could help with model numbers i would appreciate it greatly.

                              RedMax Blower i think

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