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    For a while jd was getting a whoop *** in the light mower market by the likes of american yard which makes husqvarna and craftsmen poulen, until jd started makin the 100 series to sell to big box stores. Well RUMOR says these jd are coming from same factories as the other light mower brands and not from a deere factory.
    Over the seasons i heard multiple unhappy customers with troy bilts so i tried not recommending those.
    Husqvarna was my top seller bc i could sell a husq with the same exact specs as a jd and the customer would save 100-400 bucks.
    Also i constantly heard good things about cub cadet but we didnt sell them.
    I have been in this business for over 20 years and know where most of the factories are. John Deere does at this time make the mowers that they sell at the box store. Guess what John Deere can make junk just like the other brands. The Cub Cadet lower end Cub Cadet ztr mowers come down the same line as the Troy Built ones.
    I am the owner of an online mower parts distributor. I am also a Briggs Master Service Technician and Expert Certified Mechanic for Kohler. If my posts helps you please like my facebook page at


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      Ah i didnt know troy bilt and cub cadet were same, good to know. I guess at the end of the day, what matters most is how well you maintain your equipement(as far as light consumer models go) .... That and a good warranty


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