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    Sad disappointment

    Well, today we were suppose to move to lubbock, but the land lord conveniently took a vacation and will not be back until monday for us to pay him the rent and move in. But the day we went to Lubbock and saw the house and after getting the tour, we told him we would take it and would have our moving money around the end of october, but we got the money sooner than expected and we called his secretary and she told us he was on vacation and the expected time of his return. The good thing was though, we went to Abilene today and it started raining, but when we started heading home, it kept going all the way home and it stopped about 5 minutes ago. But by the time we get everything together for private reasons, moving day will not be until next friday . The funny thing was though, last night, my brother was lying in bed asleep, and he heard knocking and tapping on the window. He decided that it will probably go away and it did not. He finaly decided to look out the window, and there was a goat tapping on his window! We have not had sleep for very long since we moved here a month ago right into the middle of town, but our old house was out in the country where it was quiet. We now live about 800 feet from the train track which blows it's horn about every 30 minutes and the stray cats are scrapping it out all night on our porch. There is also a bunch of guys that come through the neighborhood at about 1:00 AM and show off their truck exhaust every single night. The whoe family hates it here. Moving day can not get here soon enough, but trying to pass the time somehow, just haven't found it yet.


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      WOW that is a lot going on over there! I hope you get to move soon!
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        Yeah, I hope so. Atleast it's not like we're going to miss this house! I do not mind the house itself, it is a good house. If it was out in the country, I would love to keep this place. I'm hoping moving day will be here sooner than expected.


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          this thread is great and reminds me of my childhood dream.. good job kid!! i owe you a (root)beer for making me remember the good ole times!!

          I did the same thing when i was about that age, i think dad gave me keys to the mower at like 12 and it was all downhill from there, I used a wagon instead as it was all i had and started garbage picking for all the wood and metals i could find to make a ginormous trailer to haul a push mower, a blower, weedwhip, edger, 5 gallon water jug, a toolbox and some random *** handtools... i wish i had a photo for you but i dont...

          it was a wagon 32" wide by like 6 foot or so long.. the garden trailer will work a load better for you so good score... it looks like it may need some structurally sound sides on it(welder/rivet gun or just wood found in the trash can work too) so you can mount some racks for handtools, a blower, a water jug(plywood bottom and a ratchet strap) or something to throw a big cooler on it to stay hydrated and have food cause thats rather important... eventually got a dump trailer to haul mulch and stuff around and added a big hole in the rear floor of the wagon to haul the mulch to the jobs with the riding mower

          i remember when i turned 15(2.5 years of being in "business") i bought my work truck back then and paid cash which suprised my parents and the seller, a 87 chevy 2500 ext cab, 4x4 w/plow & salt spreader... that winter was awesome for me but sucked for my parents as they had to be in the car with me while i acquired 6 plow jobs with a learners permit, 2 of them were commercial so that paid for everything that winter... when i turned 16 i bought the biggest and baddest car in my mind (a 94 jeep wrangler on 37" baja claws w/ sbc 383)

          Anyways the point of my post is to hopefully motivate you that cash is king, you can do anything with it especially at that young of an age.

          As far as advertising goes, craigslist is a great free way, your computer should have microsoft word, if not download it and there is a ton of business like forms on there to help you advertise/make flyers. also check out as you may be able to get free business cards, magnets, tshirts, hats, pens, bumper stickers, they also do fliers for super cheap... Most of their stuff is pay shipping for one or like 250 biz cards free just pay shipping, then you could just use a template to make your own fliers off the computer and go door to door in your neighborhood...

          Good luck kid. seriously. keep your head up even when the days are going in the ****ter, it could always be worse... the damn video games and hitting on hot chicks and taking them to the 5 star restaurants down there is what would take its toll on you!

          sorry for rambling for a day.


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            Tye The Truck Guy is Back!!!!

            I know this is an old thread, but everything has been flying by like cars on the freeway. I still live in the afore mentioned house in lubbock and I am loving having a town nearby that is full of activity, money, places to eat (the town of dublin only has a dairy queen, a family run mexican restuerant, and a sonic.), and things to actually do and have fun with, ut still live out in the sticks with our horses in the country. The only thing that (surprisingly) I have not matched yet with flavor was the homemade chicken fajita quesadillas of the small mexican restraunt I mentioned. I have been making some good money lately off of my resale buisness lately and am loving it. I also might be buying my neighbors 96 powerstroke 2 grand in the next few months!! Everything has been happening lately and I would lose my fingers from over use if I tried to type in all that I would like to. Hope everyone is doing well.


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              Good to hear from you, its awesome that your doing all this at such a young age...I can't even remember what I was doing when I was 13. Your ambitious and seem like a hard worker and you will probably do really well. Just don't get over your head in debt, think smart.
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