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Good Business Insurance Company/Agent In MN?

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  • Good Business Insurance Company/Agent In MN?

    Looking to get business insurance this week and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a local insurance company/agent to go with in Minnesota? Or, should I go with a larger national company. I have no employees yet and not a huge amount of equipment.


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    check around the local insurance agents in your area and get some quotes from them. Most big insurance companies work through these agents.
    They will go over what you have and work with you in getting you what you need and do the check-ups yearly, going over any changes with them.
    Durgin's Lawn & Landscape LLC


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      go through a agent. Make sure you explain every service you provide. Certain companies will offer landscape and not chemical coverage, pressure washing, etc. A company is more likely to not offer coverage for everything you do and say your covered. Where a agent will say I have these providers that offer coverage for everything and these ones only cover this.


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        Hey Up North,

        I just started my Lawn business a month ago, and got my insurance through Advanced Insurance in the South TC Metro Area. Agent is Ross Larson, and his # is 952-831-1928. They have a good business package he can set you up with. Advanced works with a company called Acuity Mutual Insurance out of Sheboygan, WI. Tell Ross Jim From Feldjagers Pest and Lawn referred you. Hope this helps!

        Jim Thiewes


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