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  • names already in use

    ive been planning on starting a lawn care business for a couple of years now since i worked for a local company here. i just got laid off so i feel its now or never.

    but the name i have been planning on using i just found out that someone has already taken it. there is a a 2 man company here in ohio that claim to be LLC.

    i know i wont come in contact or cross paths with them they are upnorth in cleveland area. and im 2hrs south in central ohio.

    my question is can i still use the name Urban Lawn Care? there is a LLC in kansas thats been around 20+ yrs i just found out also. i understand that those two r in different states but could i still register my company under that name since there is already one in ohio?

    im just registering now as a DBA then possibly an LLC or Inc in the future depending how much growth i gain

    any advice would be greatly appriciated. i was filing tomorow morn for my service venders licens and dont want to have to come up with a name on spot. i want my name Urban Lawn Care

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    i ran the name thru the secretary of state for ohio online database but there is no fillings found for that name does that mean im good?


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      My best advice is make sure the domain name is available before finalizing your decision. I'd put my whole marketing plan around the domain name.
      How? Who do I talk to? State or local?


      • #4 belongs to the one in Kansas. With also makes me upset but I guess its ok cause they been in business for 20+ yrs.


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 is forsal by sedo.

          The Kansas company has


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            I don't plan on basing my company around an internet site. I plan on using the quality of services and communication with my customers along with hard work and dedication.

            I'm not saying building it around the domain name will hurt, but its just not for me nor the surrounding communities. Physical advertising and word of mouth go a lot further than the WWW around here

            thanks for the input


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              I'm not sure if the LLC thing matters outside of your own state when it comes to business names... it's been over a year since I looked into that stuff.

              I think that in PA, if someone registers their name, and is an LLC, no other business can use that name - or even one that is too close to it.

              As a sole proprietorship, you can register your name, but you can't claim exclusive rights to it, as an LLC can do. After much brainstorming, and after having found that nearly every name imaginable was already in use, I ended up using "Oak Leaf Lawn Service". It was an added bonus that "OakLeafLawn" was available as a domain name, so that sealed the deal.

              I located two others with the same name in PA, but they are on the opposite side of the state, so no conflict that I can foresee, and they are not LLCs, so I was able to use the same name. Legally, if they were located on my STREET, I could still use the name, since only LLCs (actually any form of corporation/company) can get exclusive rights to a name.

              Do some more research, but I don't think you have to worry about being able to use a "same" name unless the other business is in your state.


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                I understand the different state thing, I'm good there. But the one up north isn't registered in the secretary of the state online data base. Is it possible they ain't really an LLC?

                If and when I get full bloom in this company I guess ill have to pay the $495 to Sedo for the domain name.

                Thanks for the input.


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                  I don't plan on basing my company around an internet site. I plan on using the quality of services and communication with my customers along with hard work and dedication.

                  Our work is mostly word of mouth and appearance as well. Though, I must say If there is a dot com with your name when someone looks it up in google they will see your competitor even if they are in another state and realize they don't service their area.

                  I have had several that were word of mouth referrals that googled us to get the number or just general information, to see if we serviced their area. We've also had several that (as mentioned before google is the new yellow pages) just did a search for lawn care and or landscaping in a particular area. Though we didn't have a website ate the time we had a place page on google with a Face Book link.

                  We've since created a site, even though we've yet to do much with it it still receives about 30-100 views per day and it shows up more when you are closest to our service area.

                  You really don't want to start a name that will only lead potential customers to another LCO. You will want some internet presence to show you're in the area.

                  Aside from that, indeed the best leads are the word of mouth leads. Craigslist is good but the quality and trust of the customer will be different most times.


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                    I'm trying to start up next season and have until next week to finish Business Plan. One of the hardest things is coming up with a name. I thought of one and typed it in, No one is using it but its for sale.

                    I'm from Ohio.


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                      JJ you could also consider a .net or something instead of .com. We had to only put a - in our name as it is the same as a company in New York. I figure most people find it anyhow most often by searching and not as much by typing it directly into the address bar.


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                        Well directintercorp confirmed today the urban lawncare is already an registered LLC in state of ohio.

                        I guest back to drawing board on the name. Got to figure one out so I can start applying for license and such.

                        Any ideas on name?


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                          Exactly how "urban" are you?


                          Hey. You asked. LOL!


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                            How about Layton's Urban Lawn Care?
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                              How about Layton's Urban Lawn Care?
                              Layton is a trade marked name around here. With Layton trucking, Layton escavating, Layton construction and a few other business all owned by same owner. I would get a lot of business just by the name but it is an option I just got to do some research if it is trade marked.


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