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Grass 14-16 inches tall.

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    a 21 inch push mower? You have got to kidding me! Walk, no run from this one. Or rent a real commercial mower for a day, mow high, decreasing cutting height, and mow several times. charge for the rental, and your time to go get and return the rental, and your time mowing. I just finished a 1 acre lot, 36 inch tall grass, mowed 4 times to 3 inches, 6 hours, 400 dollars.
    he was so gratfull about getting done, and it looking so nice, I now have a signed contract for weekly service @ 75 a week. I have a 36 inch standon, that is about 4 years old and was given to me falling apart. The time and money to get it working was well worth the effort. Thank you Jim for this mower


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      yea maybe a rule should be if the grass is 3/4 of the width of your deck you should just run run run away. I could not imagine trying to push tall grass like that. I just got done cutting a yard that was literally 5 foot tall, I have some pictures to prove it, that was still a pain with my mower
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        I am new and have a craftsman 21 inch mower, and already purchased an echo trimmer. If I use the trimmer first then cut it with the mower will the bag still catch most of the grass? Or will I still need to hand rake it.
        I would be honest and tell the customer you are not equipped to do this job properly and you would rather pass than have the job turn out less than great.

        This will go a lot further than killing yourself for a few bucks.


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