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So i think I am on the right track

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  • So i think I am on the right track

    So I have a few jobs lined up now. 1 spring clean up/ mulching
    I am going to weedwack the edge of another property and weeding. I also have 1 consistent mow account(an apartment building) i also have my foot in the door for a few other mow accounts. I just started this week so I think I have a pretty good start.

    I just bought a 5x8 trailer with a mesh floor and ramp.

    My father is trading me all his equipment in exchange for me taking care of our property(seeing as im 18 and still live at home I feel like its a good exchange)

    I have two questions though. How long will my residential mower(honda self propelled) last doing light commercial mowing? And What is the best way to get more mowing accounts?
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    It does sound like you are doing very well so far.

    As far as how long your mower will last, from what we have seen, consumer models tend to last for around 1/10th the amount of time the commercial models last for. So maybe 200+ hours?

    As far as getting customers goes. Here is a section from my blog that contains articles on how to get lawn care customers.

    The key to it is meeting people and marketing to your social network.
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