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    There is so many lawn biz's around here almost any name combo you can think of is took. I spent quite a bit of time finding one i like then go look it up and its just makes it that much more different tho

    Oh yea brotha, there are over 30 people advertising in Farm and Garden section on Craigslist where I live at. I try to beat the competition not by offering lower prices, but by putting a website with before and after pictures to my site. Also I will bold my phone number, to show I know what I'm doing when it comes down to writing my ads.
    It takes at least two steps to be 3 steps ahead!


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      As I go out on my own again i need a new name. Ive come up with a couple that i like that arent taken already.
      can you guys give me your opinions on them? which one is better?
      Or neither and keep trying? lol
      Impressive Touch Landscaping
      Detailed Impressions Landscaping
      Green Touch Landscaping

      I want it to reflect that we pay attention to detail and you see good work when we are finished.
      Well any ideas would be appreciated
      here is an idea the name of the company should be all capitals and bold
      right below it with regular letters just write something interesting and at the end just state u are a landscaper something like this:

      Detail and perfection
      A landscape company

      simple but yet sophisticated


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