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  • Newbie needing advice

    Hi I am just starting my company. I have a few regular mow accounts and am just finishing a patio job and have another planned. I have been reading on here how look is key. I have a 1994 ford F150. It looks like a highschoolers truck frankly because I am just about to graduate. What I mean is it does not look professional at all. It looks like a mud truck, its in amazing condition but I want to make it look more professional. I have magnets being made for it right now but I was wounding what you all thought I could do to make it better.

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    If it looks like a mud truck ,you should wash it and keep it clean at all times while working with it, get a spray bomb and cover any scratches or rusty areas ,and fix any leaks so your truck isnt marking its spot while parked .


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      I try to keep it clean now and for the most part it stays on the pavement. But once it starts being a company truck(once the magnets are on it) it will always be clean. As for the leaks i dont think it has any major leaks. But as for it being an older truck do you think its ok to use as my company truck until I can buy something newer?


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        using an old truck is just fine ,and might help you gain some work .I have a brother-in-law who owns a commercial carpet and flooring company .He does very well and has many newer caddies and other fancy cars .He goes to job-sites driving twenty year old crappy cars,often with mis-matched body work .He found that when he went for an estimate,and had a fancy car,he landed far fewer jobs than he did driving a clunker because the general contractor felt he needed the work more than when he was driving his good cars .I have even replaced a perfectly good door with one from the junkyard in another colour,because his "clunker" still looked too good .He always keeps these cars clean,quiet,and maintained .


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          Clean and well kept is more important than newer.
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