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The biggest problem when you are starting out is..

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  • The biggest problem when you are starting out is..

    Hey Gang...

    I'm in a bit of a crazy mood. (My girlfriend says that I am always in a crazy mood, but what would she know huh?.)

    I have decided that I am going to shout you one of Steve's books.

    Crazy Huh?

    Well not all of you.. Just one of you.
    Just tell me which one of his books you want and you can have it.

    (Here is the link to so you can see them all.).. He has written heaps!

    Is there a catch?

    Well not really..

    But you do have to earn it. You see it's a wee bit of a competition. (I feel like creating some fun and games here!)

    All you need to do is tell me what your biggest problem is/was when you are/were starting your lawn care business.

    If you are just starting out tell me whats holding you back. If you are a vetren then tell what was the biggest hurdle you had to over come, and how did you do it.

    In exactly one month from today I will pick the best answer, (based on my opinion,) and buy one of Steves books for the winner.

    Does that sound like Fun?

    I thought it did.. So what am I looking for in an answer? Well the more specific, honest and detailed your answer is the better your chances of winning.

    .. Oh, and sorry Steve... You are banned from winning 'cose you have already read all your books!! haha. ( But it would still be great to hear your story though.)

    So without further adieu....


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