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    I can only tell you what happened to me on Thursday. I mow a commercial lawn and as I was doing it the secretary came out and asked me to give her an estimate on her mother's lawn for one cut every other week. After I finished the cut, I drove over to do the estimate. It came to $22 so since I was done for the day I went back to tell her.

    "$22??! She is not going to spend that kind of money!" I've never in my life heard $22 called "that kind of money". LOL

    So, yeah. I'd say it's the area.
    I Live in So Cal and this happens to me all the time people think because we are a lawn care company we need to undercarge them...
    2 days ago i got 2 estimates for 2 homes in a new area, Monterrey park is the name of the city, we are located northwest of that place it would take me about 20 minutes to get there from my regular maintenance area but i want to get a foot on that side of town. i arrived at the first property the owner seem to have started laying sod but stop half way through he asked me how much would i charge for the clean up, overgrown shrubs, grass and weeds, i always charge 3xthe regular fee i told him it would be $135 for the clean up and $45 a month, i had to go up about 20 steps to get to the top of his property. He stopped looked at me and said... Are you serious? i can get another guy to do it for half that!... i really don't think is the area but the people you deal with some are just plain cheapos :P well i left my card and told him good luck! i went up the street for another lead his lawn was flat and about the same size as the other guy i told him the price would be $45/ cut he said when u start? lol so yeah cheapos are everywhere my company weeds them out all the time haha.

    Ok so I got sick of ether always bidding low or bidding high so I devised a plan to bid the same for every single lawn. I got a measuring wheel today. I use my lawn as an example. I pay myself $20 to mow and edge my own lawn, it is 700SF according to the wheel which breaks down to about $0.03 per SF. Is $0.03/sf a good price to charge or am I wrong? I figure if its like mine, just a quick mow and go then $21 which is $0.03X700 is a good price. Any comments?
    i think you will be able to come out with a better formula i mean i can bid a lawn by just looking at it and here in California reputable businesses do charge a bit more then the guys who mow because they have to make money... Eventually you will get the feel of any lot and will know how much to charge but man this are hard times to charge $340 for a big lot i bid $250 for a lot the other day and the lady almost felt backwards haha i ended up charging here $150 with a 1 year contract to come twice a month for $50 bucks a pop... i think you just need to work with the clients and test the water before u say any number to them.


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