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  • snow

    woke up to an inch of snow. they canceled school before it even started. lol. thats two years in a row. thats like a hundred year blizzard around here. lol

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    They do the same thing here in Arkansas, I come from KS and when I witnesed my first snow down here, I had to laugh because everyone was freaking out about the snow, and it was like an inch. But it got me off work for the day!


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      Trust me, I live in Pittsburgh, PA and the people here freak out at the mention of snow. I really believe the media's hype is directly responsible for grown, rational people losing all control of the "reasoning" portion of their brains.

      It's SNOW, people... not the end of times.

      Be right back! Gotta get bread, milk, toilet paper...


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        Those of us that grew up in snow regions and live in snow regions are amazed at how little snow can shut a city down that does not have the equipment, London airport just before Christmas made me laugh, so little snow created utter chaos. The last time we were shut down here was 2004, received 39 inched in less than 24 hours, then high winds came, it was nuts, drifts up to 9 feet deep, took four days just to get out, it was pretty serious as it turned cold and many were without power and impossible to get anywhere near a store.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          How true that is.

          Ultimately many of the areas that just don't regularly deal with snow must figure it is a lot cheaper for them to simply shut things down for a few days instead of having to keep equipment and people on payroll for it's removal.
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