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    You guys have any good leads for a FREE website host to use. I'm buying a domain name and will have the site host it but I want to start with a free site without a lot of restrictions, anyone have any suggestions?

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    You can get hosting for less than 5 bucks a month. That way you have no ads, no restrictions except for maybe bandwidth and disk space. I'm just against free anything for a business. I think it makes you look cheap.
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      google is your friend

      ive seen a few

      havnt tried many

      ones i tried were yola and webs

      heard some good things about bravenet..havnt looked into anythying else though..
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        If you went with Godaddy their hosting is for unlimited bandwidth is only 8.99 per month if you pay monthly. The longer you pay the cheaper it gets.

        What ever you do, do not go with FREE. It will cost you in the end.


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          I used godaddy and was only something like $20 a year. Then I used for my website. Only $3.99 a month to avoid a small advertising for them at bottom of site.



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   It's free with unlimited bandwidth & space.

            That's what I use:


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     It's free with unlimited bandwidth & space.

              That's what I use:
              Nice look to the site. You may want to correct the first sentence on the home page thou.

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                @Klean Kutz **** Thanks... the site's been up a year and I never noticed.


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