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  • got my First call today

    Well it seems i am officially in business now on my own .
    The phone rang and it was some one wanting me to come give a quote .

    Sadly the job is almost an hour and a half away but only 45 minutes from town ( he is on the outside of one side of town me on the other )
    so thinking last night how to price this since it is so far away but still just 45 minutes from town which i am in almost every day any way for some reason or another.

    The area he is in is a pretty nice area with more money then the town i am in.
    The cost of every thing in the area he is in is more expensive.
    If i can get two or three in the area then driving there is not an issue.

    So off i go today after thinking all night of how to bid this job .I finally figure i am just going to bid it like i would a job that was in town if he wishes a yearly contract and a bit more if a one time job .

    I pull up to the house (nice subdivision probably 200 houses in it ) kinda glance around the front yard at the mulch the amount of trimming and such needed , then head to the front door .

    As i went to ring the bell he opens the door as if he was waiting on me to arrive ( glad i showed when i said i would ) and he was all buisness from the hello which is fine by me showed me what he had for a back yard ( mostly a deck little to cut ) .

    after figuring in my head what i think it would take to do the job we got to discussing yearly contract or one time cut .as he just move in and first time home owner no mowing equipment

    over all a good experience and even if i do not get the job it was fun being the one in control of my own fate

    C&S Lawn Service

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    Well, CONGRATS!

    I usually price any residential almost 3 times higher than i would a commercial account (in the area i am atleast) ($25+ for a single family lot). If he has a lot of trimming and the yard is a disaster, go from there. If it is going to cause you to sharpen when youre done, CHARGE MORE.

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      Advertise everyday! if you get to busy raise prices!

      work hard to get more houses in the sub if you get this first guy, make the trip worth it.

      if he decides to go with someone else, try hard to find out why.
      Hungry Goat Lawn Service, Deltona, FL


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        IMHO the drive is the cost of doing business and it sounds like this is an area you want to tap into if the value of the homes is higher and you can get better rates.

        In time you may be able to make an arrangement with a client to rent storage space so that you do not have to transport long distances. We did this last year and now 90% of our work is in a specific area with a 4 mile (9K) radius, it works very well for me. Or keep your eye out for the rental of a garage or storage facility.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          Great job Dragger!

          What kinds of things do you plan on doing to attract more customers from that area?
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