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    I would agree with a lot that has already been said here. If your business name has "Landscaping" in it, most people from outside the business will assume you're just a landscaper, instead of lawn maintenance. I would definitely have lawn care in your business name; which is huge for google, yahoo, etc. finding and ranking you. By just having "lawn care" in your business name and website, this highly increases your chances of being on the first page of your search engines.

    Just my two cents...



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      You could always be more vague with the end part of your name.

      1. Yard Services
      2. Property Maintenance
      3. Exterior Services


      When I hear of landscaping, I think of bricklaying and design projects.

      Your name doesn't even have to cater to anything specific, you'll always have your motto/description.

      PooPoo Inc <** Company Name
      Property Maintenace <** Under Tag/Motto/Description


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        I slightly disagree. I think landscaping is anything that improves the appearance of the land. To me that includes maintenance, gardening, etc. It is a vague description but seems to be the standard for people that do more then mowing.

        I started with doing lawn care with landscaping in the name.

        When I think of lawn care, I think of mowing and hedge trimming.

        I do see how property maintenance would fit better then both for most of us.


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