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  • Getting More Customers

    Hello everyone. Good to be part of this great forum.
    Spring has started in Australia - grass is growing again.
    Just started my lawn car service early September. I am advertising in local newspaper and have done letter box drops of my business card.
    In 3 weeks I only got 1 regular customer and 2 inquiries where I was not successful in getting the job.
    Any suggestions how I can generate more business? Is it normal for things to start off slowly? Any advice would be welcome.
    Many thanks & best wishes

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    I think it is important (especially with new lawn care business owners) to pound the streets and actually meet your potential customers face-to-face.

    When you are new, you really don't have a good feel for what your customers are looking for. Meeting them face-to-face gives a much better indication of their interests. Passive newspaper advertising is helpful but face-to-face gives you a basis of knowledge you just can't get through other forms of advertising.

    Good luck:

    Start a profitable lawn care business.


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      Welcome to our forum!

      Another thing you should consider is to market to people you already know. It is a lot easier getting your friends and family signed up as customers than it is people you don't know. Then from there, you can work outwards and market to their friends, family and neighbors.

      Keep us posted on how all this helps.
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        Make sure you have:
        1. a website
        2. a listing on Google Maps
        3. put an ad in online business directories, our local pennysaver publishes a business directory
        4. canvas neighborhoods, especially streets you already service
        5. leave flyer's at addresses you see that are in need of your services

        These are just a few ideas, hope this helps!


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          Any suggestions how I can generate more business?
          I found it easy to get customer by knock on the door. Just figure your going to work X hours a day, mow what you mow first then start knocking on the door of house with high grass.. I was getting a lot of customer my first year by telling them, "This yard is a normal $30 a week mowing, and the cleanup should cost you $60 total, but for new regular weekly customers i can do your yard today cleanup included for $30"

          This worked so well I stoped after two weeks.



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