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how to get rid of unwanted grass???

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  • how to get rid of unwanted grass???

    alright here is what i'm having trouble with:
    I have a few lawns that have not been maintained before i got to them. they have a mix of Bermuda, tall fescue,clovers, other weeds, and some other fat bladed grasses that i have narrowed down to some kind of grain;like oats, or rye or something. Basically its the usual OKlahoma prairy grass mix here.
    I use a liquid chemical mix ti get rid of the weeds in all my other lawns and fertilizers to keep the lawns thick so nothing else can grow, ive also been able to grow from seed and maintain the different lawns,

    but how do you get rid of all but one type of grass?
    I have tried overseeding twice this year, and ive tried pulling stuff out by hand, and even some roundup spot spraying. I'm trying to avoid killing everything and ruining the soil, and i really don't want to dig up the whole yards either.

    So whatcha got for me???????

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    they have specific grass killers. Dont know where you would get them in your area but they exist. We use HD supply in our area.
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