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Sprinkler and lawn instalation?

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    Sounds about right. Unless Im missing something its shouldnt take you more than 1.5 days by urself. I did a complete ground up in 3.5 days with 2 people. That was 140ft of pipe, 6 heads, drip line, 9 bushes, 2 trees, 7 tons of gravel, 4.5 tons fill dirt, 1000sq ft sod, boarder and a few other little things. So that shouldnt take you to long.
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      Take some pictures of the before and after of the job!
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        What about a license? The back flow device? What kind are you going to use? What about water pressure? You need to be careful because here in Texas you have to have a license, not sure about where you are at. But that is a good deal as long as you dont have to have a license.
        Honestly I dont have the license I need for my state. I normally steer clear of this kind of work, I am only doing it because its for a friend.
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