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  • Organic N-P-K help

    I have been studying organic fertilizers, preparing myself to offer the service to customers. I plan to use my own lawn and one other customer as the test sites / before and after pictures too.

    I had a soil test done by the Agricultural lab from the state and here are the findings.

    Recommend applying 3 times a year during growing season ( May, Sept, Nov) one of the following:
    20-27-5 5 lb / 1000 sqft
    18-25-6 5.5 / 1000
    18-24-12 5.5 /1000
    17-23-6 5.75 / 1000
    16-21-4 6.25 / 1000
    16-12-4 6.25 / 1000
    11-25-11 9 / 1000
    10-23-10 10 / 1000

    PH level 6.5 none recommended

    It looks like they would like to see Phosphorus ( middle# ) higher.

    What would you guys recommend to address this organically?

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    What turf are you going to apply these to? Different grass has different requirments. For example, Centipede lawns should have no more than 9#'s nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. per year and ZERO phosperous and potassium. Its ideal pH is 5.3. St. Augustine, likes a 16-4-8 3 times a year. Its ideal pH is 7.1. Ammendments with micronutrients can be just as important as the macronutrients N-P-K.



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      Truf type is cool weather, mix of Bluegrass-Fescue (tall and fine).


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        Natures Lawn

        So I was on Natures Lawn web site and looking at the fertilizers they offer. The 6-14-6 ( flower & Fruit ) has the highest level of phosperous.

        Has anyone ever used this on lawn to raise phosperous ??


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