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  • Starting in the spring

    Well I am new to the forum been reading allot getting prepared. I plan on starting my lawn care business at the beginning of the year. I already have a few customers this year, one of them own many rental properties and I will get most of them in the spring. I will be starting an LLC sound like the best way to go for me. Plan on buying most of the equipment through the winter and with my income tax I will be buying the larger items (mower and trailer). I have handed out a few fliers for this year but no new customers, maybe to late in the year. I currently have a full time job and hope to shed that after next winter just want to make sure I can survive through the winter before I leave the guarantied paycheck behind. Looking for all the advice I can get. I have a Gravely dealer nearby that has work on my POS push mower several times and only charged for parts with no labor, nice to now people sometimes I guess, so going to give them my money. I have no overhead right now and would like to keep it as low as possible. My house and cars are paid for so very little bills.

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    Yea i gave gravely and Stihl my money ) about 10k of it anyhow, and its still counting, plus all the money for insurance and state fees, im at about 13k invested, already have made around 600 bucks in just maybe 4 working days.

    Picking up accounts slowly but surely, and i have a 100 dollar azalea trim to do next week, and a $400 decaying tree to climb and remove sometime soon i hope.
    Then i landed a landscape install for a friend, am just starting the design and plant.material list, but i hope to atleast make something decent off it, (if he doesnt jew me down lol)

    Im glad i bought one of those large desktop callenders and hung it by my back door, so i can track all this business
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      I am so busy right now between full time job and all of my side jobs doing work on houses around my area painting and other handyman things along with remodeling my own house.


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        What do you think about Hicks Lawn Care LLC


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          Hi Chris,

          Welcome to our forum!

          painting and other handyman things along with remodeling
          Will you be providing lawn care or more services like painting?

          Hicks Lawn Care LLC is a great name, but if you want to offer more services, you could go with something like Hicks Property Maintenance LLC.

          It all depends on the direction you want to take everything.
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            I actually hate painting this will most likely be my last painting job besides on my house. I am open to doing other things besides lawn care so maybe Hicks Property Maintenance LLC could work I will look into it and make sure that is not taken yet.


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              The more services you offer early on allow you a better chance for your business to get launched. It also lets you experiment to see which services are most needed in your area and which will be most profitable.
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                It's actually a great time to get started. Leaf raking is just weeks away. The lawn care customers you pick up during the autumn will be your first customers once spring arrives next year. So, offering leaf raking services is a great way to get started. Just be sure to price them right.

                Good luck:

                Start a profitable lawn care business.


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