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    Figured this is the best place for this (sorry if it isnt).

    I am getting back into this cutting business well. Started with the original 4 i got when i purchased my equipment, 9 weeks in and i am upto 13 (crank them all out on thursdays). I got everything i NEEDED, including replacement stuff, blades, weed eater line, edger blades... EVERYTHING. I took all the equipment in two weeks after i fully took over because the guy i got it all from, didnt take care of it. I have also changed a lot of the materialistic things that were on the equipment of in the trailer at the time!

    I did lawn care in Kansas for 4 years while i was in school, alot different than cutting down here in FL. We used something different on each trailer which i didnt like at all!

    These are the items i keep in my trailer that i feel assist in the cutting biz!

    Fuel - I use a Zero % Ethonel mixture (CORN FREE BABY!)

    Oil - Amsoil Saber - Non-Smoke 100:1 formula (awesome for commercial jobs). Equipment seems to run smoother with it also.

    Oil - I use Amsoil Synthetic in my Wright Stander and in my Truck also, Amsoil Filter in the truck.

    Blades - Gator Blade - Super High lift Mulching Blade (Wright Stander, tractor and push)

    Weed Line - GATOR Line - has a small flexible wire inside, not any heavier but the rotational weight is increased. I can barry it in the dirt to clean beds out, and only have to spool out once on a clean up job.

    Edger Blades - Normal but change them once every two weeks

    Plugs - I use those E3 plugs, still not seeing an increase in performance or one pull starts. Might change back to OEMs.

    If you have any suggestions on products... LET ME KNOW, i love knowing what people put on or in their equipment!

    M.A.K. Landscaping


    Volusia County FL
    Seminole County FL

    "Treating your property as if it were OUR own!"

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    What is your view on the trimmers, blowers and mowers you like to use?
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      I prefer ECHO over anything but, my trailer is loaded with just about every thing, haha.
      Usually one OR the the other Wright, depends on the day and area i am in.
      Wright Stander 36"
      Wright Stander 52"
      MTD 21" 6.75h Self Propelled Push w/ bagger
      MTD 42" 15.5h Tractor *rarely in the trailer*
      Shindiawa Multi-Tool *Edger, pole saw and extended hedge trimmer*
      Stihl Edger
      Stihl Weed Wacker
      Echo 18" Chain Saw
      Echo 24" Hedge Trimmer
      Echo 18" Hedge Trimmer
      Echo Back Pack Blower (x2)
      Shindiawa Back Pack Sprayer (3gal)
      XMark Spreader

      All packed into a Pace 16ft Enclosed Trailer
      Pulled behind my Chevrolet.

      M.A.K. Landscaping


      Volusia County FL
      Seminole County FL

      "Treating your property as if it were OUR own!"


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