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  • The good side

    Besides the last Bad post the good side is I can finally get a new mower nothing to great, but I was wondering, Toro, Husqvarna, Honda?

    I have a huskee blower and trimmer that are great for my use.

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    Do you have local dealers that service all those manufacturers?
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      Do you have local dealers that service all those manufacturers?
      That is a good question. There are many small engine repair shops around, I also have a guy who has fixed mowers for me in the past. I am thinking a lower priced Honda(since I don't have much of a budget)would be the best bet.

      I am trying to save for winter now and budget my funny. I have gotten buy do far with a cheap, push only mower. A lot of work, but I mostly just want a decent self propelled mower. LOL

      After looking at the new Honda's they seem to be the best bet.

      Theey have dual blades, BBC(brake blade clutch) and some other nice features. The huskee mower has the same Honda engine so I figure why not just go with the Honda.

      The toro's I can afford have a B&S engine which is on most really cheap Mowers now a days.

      I also have a small john deere rider that fits into the gates of clients but doen't manuever very well. it has a 9 hp kawisaki engine and still runs OK.

      Thanks Steve!


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