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  • The Market In Your Area

    Just wondering what is the market like in your area and what do you charge per thousand sq. ft. or sq. ft?

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    The market here remains pretty solid, it's actually better than last year and we were pretty much out straight from April to November. We had an early spring and were able to start services such as tree cutting and chipping a month early.

    Yesterday an advertisement for tilling went in the paper, I received 6 inquiries so far which is pretty amazing.

    As for lawn mowing, it's a tough sell as there are so many new companies again this year, we have a core or clients which are solid and good paying however I don't push mowing as I can make a lot more per hour in other areas around a customers home, I think this year landscaping by the way things are going will be our #1 focus.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      Things are picking up for me. It was good last year. dead all winter but now the phone is ringing again.
      White Company


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