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    I kind of have the same question, I live in WA and I have my Business License using my SS# (No employees). But for the type of insurance I would want to get, DO I just call my Home/auto Insurance rep and tell her I have a business and I need to be covered? Just in case I break a window or something bad happens. On a posive note, I just picked my first resident cust. yesterday Are there special places that give insurance to businesses?
    What you see out here on signs is Licensed and bonded???
    What shall I do.. BONDED?????

    The reason you see that in WA is because to do ANYTHING other than mow lawns you need to be Licensed, Bonded and Insured. Licensed does not mean a business license it's a Washington state contractors license, Surety Bond and 2 Mil. Insurance. I went to vern fonk in Tacoma, talk to Stella, 1,300.

    If you are caught working on a job site other then "maintenance" you can be fined $5000 and you are not legally allowed to be paid for your work.

    You also cannot put landscaping in your name or do any landscaping only LAWN CARE. When you are licensed bonded and insured you have to put your contractor id on all of your marketing material that's why you see that all the time. Hope that helps where in WA we might be competition.LOL


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