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  • Need to get flyers out NOW!

    I'm starting to get a little nervous because I haven't handed out any flyers yet. I live in Nebraska, and today was our warmest day since the beginning of November. We got to the low 50s today!! Heat wave for us. But anyway, most of the snow has melted, so I'm hoping to get my flyers printed and start handing them out this weekend.

    Those of you doing flyers, have you handed them out yet? When will the grass begin to grow in your area? Oh yea, we are also experience bad snow mold here because of the unusual amount of snow we received this year.

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    I get on my first mowing job the first MONDAY of MAY.

    May 3rd, 2010.

    I started handing out flyers this week, & so has competition.

    46 days left I believe...

    Get them flyers out buddeh!

    Go walk up to people and talk to them, your chances of gaining a client improve 100%!
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      EXACT same situation here...well..without the mold issue ahah

      First perfect day out so far..mid 50's

      Im printing all my flyers out (all 2,500) tomorrow (thats a lot because i live in a smaller town..just so all you bigger lawn care owners know..ahha)

      Gonna go out saturday just me and my partner and hand every single one out.

      we were gonna hire extra help but since we figured its a nice weekend people will be out..we decided well do it ourselves to answer any onthespot questions personally.

      Making Brand Spankin New T-Shirts tomorrow (excited about that)
      and taking my truck in to my uncle to have him measure out for my vinyl logos

      im goin big this season

      i hope it all turns out for me
      good luck in nebraska too

      oh and grass here starts early-mid may..sometimes late april when its not raining like crazy
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        I agree

        Im not too far from Nebraska myself. It hit 50 degree's here as well but, we always flood every year. This year we are a week and half early then last year and last year we were at it 41 inches which was a disaster. this year maybe 38. but all the sandbags are up over a million were done it 3 weeks so, im feeling better then i did last year. I will start next weekend. Ive never done it before so, this year i have nothing to lose. but yes, Its time to get them up. Make sure how long they stay up before they take them down, month tops or 2 weeks tops. Im doing 2 for the services I offer. 2 with different phone numbers that way I can track whats what. Good luck guys hope you get some calls.


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          When you all hand out your flyers, are you going with one flyer per house and that is it or are you going back over certain areas a couple of weeks later?
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            Getting worried myself about no calls yet on Flyers,,,

            Well starting out new this year and have been planning and working on this for months. I already had flyers printed about a month ago just waiting for the weather to get a little warmer. So a day or two the last couple of weeks has been warm enough people are starting to venture outside so I hit the ground running. I have passed out 1500 so far and not 1 call. I also have 2 different flyers one with my phone numbers to tear off for the bulletin boards and one with out to hand out and to talk with. I have hit every bulletin board that I can find within 20 miles of the house and most of the time I am the only company there. But still nothing. Been watching the notices for bids but had to pass up a couple because of not having Work Comp ins. Since just myself not going to buy now and not required. Without having could not bid which is crappy because it was big enough accounts I would only needed about 15 customers to fill completely up.
            Just dont know what else to do. Oh I am also advertising in the local papers as well. I stop people to talk to them even picked up the phone book and called every property management, apartments or town homes places to see if they would like a bid. Sad to say I have picked up a couple of jobs from the Craigslist just to make something back since putting so much money in so far. I am getting worried putting all this money in and not making anything back yet I am ready to go! I am hoping that still a little early. Since they are calling for more snow Saturday. I am in kansas by Kansas City. And the Craigslist have been swamped by ads for lawn care, you know when I write an ad I spell check atleast 3 times before I post anything. If they cant spell simple words and you know that they are riding dirty it just does not look professional at all.

            Well I vented my 2 cents,,,


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              Something I like to remind myself after handing out flyers, is that potential customers are waiting to receive everyone's flyers.

              After they see & have all of them, they can make their decision.

              Next year I think I will put an "Early Bird" discount. This will help big time I believe.


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                Hand em out in the parking lot of home depot, or lowes. Untill you get told not to. There will be a lot of people from your local area there. you dont have to go door to door.
                Or ask the manager at one of those places if you can set up a grill, and make a few dozen hot dogs for the locals. hand out the dogs and cokes with your flyers. Put a 10% home depot customer discount on there.....That is if you are comfortable doing such a thing.
                Just my thoughts.


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                  I wouldn't worry to much. The nice weather always gets us iching to get to work, however I dont think the average homeowner cares that much about lawn work until it becomes an issue. In other words once the grass starts to grow and the flowers start to bloom. That is when they start to think, "boy I really dont want to deal with that old lawnmower again this year" and start looking for a service!

                  Also be patient some times the response from flyers can be weeks or months later. You may try to stress spring clean ups and mulch jobs if you offer those services until the lawns start to green up!

                  Good luck!


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                    When you are handing your flyers out to home owners, are you talking to them about their property? Do you give them a bid on the spot?

                    Do any of them say yea that sounds good, when can you start?

                    What's been going on with that?

                    Scott was out the other day handing out flyers to everyone and he seemed to find a lot of success with it. Maybe it's the sales pitch or approach that needs tweaking?

                    The more we know how you are doing things, the better we can offer suggestions.
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                      I'm going door to door this Saturday and I'm trying this sales pitch. Sign up before February 10 and every 3rd cut for months April-July is half price.
                      possible $100 savings for customer if bid is $50.
                      The deal only works for a weekly customer and entices them to get started in April!
                      ill play around with the offers such as offering it May-August and such.
                      I really like the take a grill to lowes idea. sounds worth asking manager and setting up for an hour during a nice weekend afternoon


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                        Keep us posted on how this goes.
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                          I wont be able to start with flyers till late febuary!!


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