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    Well lets face it, your going to get sick every blue moon, so how do you explain that to your customers? I mean do you make up for it at the end of the week after the other clients for those days are out of the way? How is this going to change your weekly mowing schedule?

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    This is where back up comes in handy. Luckily for me, I have a friend that I can rely on most of the time if I have something come up. If the is the case, I will always call my customers to tell them that I will not be servicing their lawn today, but that I have a close friend that will be. It has never been an issue.

    If you don't have anyone to back you up and your sick for a day or two, I would really push on your next day back to try to get the lawns done that are now one or two days behind. Your customers might understand your situation the first time, but if it becomes frequent, you might lose a few. Some of my customers seem really schedule oriented, where as others don't really care when I show up. Just depends on the client(s) I guess.


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      Sh** happens. If I'm to sick to work in the field, I'll drive and hire a day worker. If I am to sick to drive, I usually see if a trusted friend of mine will take over for that day (I usually split that days profit 60:40).


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        adamsmowing do you have any friends in the business in your area that you can work with on this?

        Such connections can also help you when you or they want to go on vacation.

        I usually see if a trusted friend of mine will take over for that day (I usually split that days profit 60:40).
        Is this a friend that is in the business? Or just someone you know?

        Do you find it is better to work with those who are in the business or not?
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          I've been "sick" so many times but went in to work.

          A fever isn't as bad as being hungover.

          The sun suffocates you, the mower noise makes you wanna vomit, & you feel too weak to hydrate yourself let alone eat something to provide energy for the long day.

          I had a few soar throats, & I always spit so I can avoid that razor blade down my throat feeling. I remember driving back home & just downing cup of honey. (it worked... for 5 minutes)

          As for diarrhea, that's the only time I will probably take a day off. I just follow a rule, no eggs for breakfast. (there is medication for that though)

          I believe that if you rest, you wont get better. Not me anyway.

          Though if you are active, your body temperature rises & kills off the germs. So I usually just tough it out & before I know it, I'm better by the evening, or after my evening shower, or the next morning.

          I went to work with a broken hand for a week. The next week I decided to get it fixed, so I had a cast on... Still went to work. I was the one handed mower man

          If I broke a leg, I would hop as I mow.


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            Talk about job dedication!


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              Talk about job dedication!

              It was quite the experience. The doctor guy told me I was stupid in a nice way for waiting so long.

              I learned a lot from working with one hand, & overall it made me tougher & more efficient in the end.

              The worst part was lifting heavy stuff, but as for mowing it was fun. Thank god for self propelled mowers.

              I felt powerful with a cast, it's like having armor or something on hahaha! I put a dent in the truck door trying to swing it shut, that sucked.

              When it came time for me to mow around rose bushes & pokey branches, my cast was the perfect shield, lmao.

              When my cast came off, my arm was so small & weak so took me awhile to get used to using again. The only thing I could do was pick my nose, my pinky stuck out just enough to accomplish that!


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                You should have offered a rose pruning special


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