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Lawn size Vs type of mower?

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  • Lawn size Vs type of mower?

    How large of a lawn would you do with a push mower before deciding to use a rider? I have only one large lawn and my truck is to high of the ground to put my rider in so each time I do it I have to load the mower onto the trailer and haul the trailer to the persons house. This needless to say is a little inconvenient to say the least. The lawn is about a half acre in size, is the rider a little overboard for that? I can get it done in about an hour with the rider as apposed to 3 hours with the push mower.
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    I think a two hour time saving is worth the hassle of loading your bigger mower.

    Is it possible for you to get some other large lawns to do on the same day as that one? You can do all the large lawns on one day then drop your trailer and go back to your smaller mower.

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      That would be great but the clients are just not coming in with large lawns. There is one other yard I do on the same day that has a large backyard lawn but my 42" deck wont fit through the gate so I cant use it there. I am a lazy person and would love to have all large lawns and never push a mower again lol
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        Lazy or working smart

        There is a difference between being lazy or working smart. Lazy is not working. Working smart is just using tools to do the work that you would have to do otherwise. lol.

        I agree with Keith tho, if you save 2 hours, then it is worth it. For example, if it takes you 15 minutes to hook up the trailer, load the mower at home, unload the mower when you get home again, and then unhook the trailer, then you still have 1 hour, 45 minutes saved. That is 1 hour, 45 minutes to mow other lawns or to..... be LAZY!!!!


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          Time is money $$$$$$$$
          Load the trailer.


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