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  • Cold starting

    We hads our first cold weather in North Florida this weekend. Any tips on getting mower to start when its cold. My mower is causing me grief this morning. Thanks in advance.
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    Same thing happens to just about everyone.

    Usually I mess around with the throttle and try to get it started in low then high, medium, less, more... max... LMAO then it starts..

    Then you should wait a good 30 seconds before you start the blades, or it'll shut down.

    I spend all my time trying to start my damn chainsaw right now, im gonna post about it lol


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      I've found that properly tuned and maintained engines start much easier in cold weather. The onset of cold weather is a great time to do basic maintenance. Here are a few things to check:

      1) Air filters. Make sure all stages are fresh and/or clean.

      2) Spark plugs. New , non-fouled, proper gap.

      3) Fuel filter. Replace. Make sure lines are not kinked, crimped, or decayed. Cold weather often causes a deforming of fuel lines.

      Good luck:

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