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A few of my lawns and a few that want my services

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  • A few of my lawns and a few that want my services

    Here are a few of my lawns on Base. Most are only about 1k sq ft of total lawn but a few are about 6K. I do have a few off Base that are 10K as well.

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    Now here are a few that have called me to do their yards. I would say that 40% of the base looks like these, some worse, 50% are average and 10% are above average. Most of these are 4 plexes and some are 8 plexes. Total on the Air Force side is 2,022 units and about 1,500 units on the Army side. No yard is larger than 8k sq ft so they are really easy to do. My minimum charge is $35

    Spreading Fertilizer with a cup, is a bad idea.

    White Clover is taking over.


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      Your yards look great...The others...not so much. Did they tell you they spread the fert. by cup? Ive never seen it done that way! haha
      Northern California


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        You know that does give me an idea. What if you used fertilizer to re-create your logo in a lawn! That would look wild!

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          40% of the lots look like that. Your sitting on a gold mine over there.


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