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  • what I first started out with

    I started out with my Jeep (aka My baby), and carried the lawn mower around in the back. It looked funny but it got the job done. Since then I have my other jeep (aka my baby2), the jeep comanche pickup. "Can you see a pattern here?" Also, I have inherited the trailer from my Grandpa. It used to be a small short utility trailer. It fits 2 lawn mowers and all my "gear" in the front box.

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    This is the jeep comanche pickup I am currently using. Long box, 6 cyclinder, standard, does the job wonderfully, but, can't handle much weight. Will have to improve the springs at some point.


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      This is my trailer. Modified it from a normal utility trailer with 2 ft sides to 4ft sides, and also, designed the back gate on the trailer to be a removable ramp. The only thing it doesn't do is dump on its own. Think about what I have to do when I go to remove half a trailer full of grass. TAKES AWHILE! If it dumped on its own, it would be a heck of a lot easier. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. Maybe I should talk to the guy (can't remember who) about creating a dump box trailer.


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        Just used for offroading now. my toy.


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          Thank you so much for sharing those pictures! Can you tell us your view on buying new trucks and trailers versus used?

          I think we could all learn a lot from you.
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            Buying new trucks and trailers vrs used HMMMMM.

            When looking at new vehicles for lawn care, new can be great for the image of the company. It looks like the company is making money.
            On the other hand using something that is over 10 years old, thats in good shape shows that the company knows how to maintain their trucks, which in turn tells about yourself.
            One of the other lawn care companys that is in Merritt, has 3 trucks that are all classics. I think one is a 1950 chev p-up 1 ton, a 1957 chev p-up3/4 ton flat deck and a 1956 chev hot rod. I see him out in rain or shine so he must take care of his rods good.
            The new vehicles come with warranties but they are short lived. You can be put on a short term lease where you can change vehicles every two years and keep the same payments. Then you don't have two worry about the truck breakin down.
            With a used vehicle you don't know what your buying unless you get it inspected by your mechanic before you buy it.
            Then maybe your all good
            It pays to take mechanics and metal shop in highschool. It teaches you the dirty parts of life.


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